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Thank you for your interest in Seven Summits Centre for Learning.  This is an exciting, locally developed Centre for grade 8-12 students.  Our goal is to educate them to become self-reliant learners. Please read, complete and submit the following registration online.  Interviews will take place at a mutually agreed upon time.  Please note that some advanced preparation may be required before filling out the form in terms of a student and parent statement.

Deposit fee is non-refundable and after that refunds are based on date (see payment plan below for more information). There are additional fees for non-local students.  Please contact the Centre at 250-362-7772 or email for more details. Creating Adventures In Learning

Which academic year are you applying for?
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What grade will you being going into this September?
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e.g. 1-250-362-7772

Seven Summits Centre for Learning would not be in existence without the numerous hours devoted to sharing time, knowledge and expertise with our staff and students. In return for this gift from our Community we ask that students give back.

  • Grade 8/9 – minimum of 25 hours
  • Grade 10 – minimum of 25 hours
  • Grade 11 – minimum of 25 hours
  • Grade 12 – minimum of 25 hours

Students can choose what form this volunteer component takes, based on their interests, passions and expertise. Staff will help by making students aware of opportunities that come up. Parents are expected to support their child in completing these hours.

Seven Summits Centre for Learning is a charitable organization under the Visions for Small Schools Society. As such we rely heavily on community volunteers, board members and parents. Volunteers are essential so that we can keep the facility fee as low as possible and also allows us to offer diversity in our programming. $250 of the $2450/$1,225 facility fee (full year/single semester) will be reimbursed by June 30th (end of the academic year for which it has been paid) if a parent(s) fulfills the minimum requirement of 15 hours of volunteering. Volunteer opportunities vary and include: driving students, running a workshop (i.e. foods), organizing an event (i.e. our annual dance fundraiser), tutoring a learner, building maintenance, IT support, sitting on a committee etc. We are happy to have you engage in other activities that are not on the list – let us know your thoughts on how you can help the Centre. If your schedule is such that it is impossible to volunteer time then the $250 volunteer component of the facility fee will not be reimbursed.
Seven Summits Centre for Learning Payment Policy

The total facility fee for attending Seven Summits Centre for Learning for the academic year is $2450 or $1225 for seasonal, single semester registrations, $250 of which will be refunded by June 30th (in the academic year for which it has been paid) as long as the minimum requirement of 20 volunteer hours is met by the parent(s). A $650 non-refundable deposit is required upon acceptance to the Centre by May 1 along with post-dated cheques for the balance owing. There are additional fees for non-local students, which are due Sept 1. Please contact the Centre for more details.

If using the extended payment plan, all post dated cheques or alternative method of payment (ie e-transfer) must be received or put in place at the Centre by Sept 1, at the latest. The student cannot attend the learning centre until all cheques or other arrangements have been received.

Refund Policy:

  1. $650 deposit is non-refundable
  2. Before Sept 1-100% refund of all fees, excluding the $650 non-refundable deposit
  3. Sept 1-15-80% refund of all fees, excluding the $650 non-refundable deposit
  4. Sept 15-Nov 30-50% refund of all fees, excluding the $650 non-refundable deposit
  5. After Dec 1-0% refund of all fees, including the $650

There will be no exceptions made to the refund process.

I understand and accept the payment policy.

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